Beauty Essentials - Which ingredients are in your beauty products?

Launching a dog business has without doubt been the best thing we have ever done. Not just because it's obviously great fun, but it's taught us so much about the products on the market and what's best for Foxi. 

To be completely honest in the past I wouldn't have had a second thought about googling 'Dog Shampoo' and picking the one with the nicest scent. I would have assumed if it was being sold as Dog Shampoo it must be good for Foxi. I also wouldn't have given a second thought to the soaps and candles I was buying for myself - but after some research I was horrified how our own products can impact our furbaby's, and so Beauty Essentials was born. 

Beauty Essentials doesn't only contain the most natural and recommended pet products on the market, but also soaps and scrubs for us humans which aren't only amazing, they are completely safe to be used around our pets. These soaps are made from scratch here in the UAE by Saboona DXB (@saboona.dxb). 

As with our other box's, we have only partnered with businesses we have tried, tested and trusted ourselves. We are therefore proud to say we have also partnered with Woof Pet Services to offer you a 20% discount from their full grooming service and a free assessment for their daycare. 

Founded way back in 2009, Woof Pet Services is a family business which has grown from a pet grooming shop to Dubai’s leading dog boarding, day care and grooming haven.

The Woof team is made up of a dedicated and caring staff that have helped Woof solidify its reputation in the market since its inception in 2009. 

There is a reason they have been round as long as they have.