Our FAV 5 Boxes of the Last Year

May is our 12th Foxi Box delivery marking one year in business. Yayyy.
Let's take a look back to our top 5 favourite themes over the last year. 
5th Place
May 21 Theme - Around the World 
This months theme makes our top 5 for a few reasons, the toys are just AMAZING, with hidden squeaks and rustles representing counties all over the world. We also got to introduce Jed's Yak Chews to our customers and we just know you are going to love them. 
4th Place
August 20 Theme - Back to School
Because they are our babies, we joined in the 'Back to School' hype with themed toys, training treats complete with a report card for their grades against tricks. We loved seeing all your report cards come through and videos of our pups performance. 
3rd Place 
February 21 - Valentines Day 
The month of love for each other and our pets. What was so special about this box was not just the CUTEST toys, but our amazing partnership with Cao Estilo Couture bringing you a Bandanna full of hearts for your doggy dates. 
2nd Place
March 21 -  Movie Night 
Our first box to include a ticket to an exclusive Foxi Box Cinema Night at DoggyBe Collective. This was our second favourite box because we got to meet and treat some of our loyal customers to an evening of popcorn refreshments and Lady & the Tramp. 
1st Place 
Our Favourite Box of the last year - The Birthday Box 

Because who doesn't love Birthdays? Celebrating another year with our furry best friends. Our Birthday Boxes are made up with a choice of pupcakes or bandanna and themed toys and treats. We just love being part of your big day.

We can't wait to get started on another year of even BIGGER and BETTER themes! 

Love Foxi & the team x