Meet Our Treats Partner Paws-a-licious

We first came into contact with Zeina who owns Paws-a-licious at the Ripe Market.

Zeina was famous for sneaking the pups a treat through the fence at Unleashed. So much so that Foxi would spend most of her time at Unleashed at the fence (little beggar)! 

Foxi has always loved Paws-a-licious treats so when it came to her birthday there was only one place to get the cake from. With Foxi not being a fan of Peanut Butter, Zeina baked a special cake covered in cheese instead. In all our interactions with Zeina as a customer she was knowledgeable, professional and very friendly so when we came to looking for a treats partner she was always our first choice. Someone who truly cares about the quality of treats and making sure they are tailored to every pups requirements. 

Fast forward two months and Zeina is much more than a business partner, she is a friend. Always working with us to create our vision and helping us come up with new ideas. 

Whether it's shaping her cookies into our logo......

Or coming up with these AMAZING pup cakes for our birthday box's ...... 

And never forgetting about Foxi along the way who is always getting some extra treats from Auntie Zeina who can't stand to see her miss out! 

We find ourselves very lucky to have found Zeina through the Unleashed gates and look forward to both a long friendship and business relationship.