The perfect dog

We were contacted by someone a few months ago who said they would never buy our products because Foxi (our dog) was aggressively growling towards her dog on our walk one morning.

It made me think, perhaps we haven't done or said enough about Foxi not being 'The Perfect Dog' (if the perfect dog even exists) and why that is actually the reason we are so passionate about Foxi Box. 

Foxi is a high energy desert mix, she destroys toys easily, can be a little rebellious with her training and is becoming more dominant as her confidence grows. Foxi needs engaging durable toys, treats that she has to work for and ones she enjoys enough to listen to her training. It was our struggle to find these as new dog owners which made us decide to bring all the best brands together and tailor monthly boxes for dogs across the UAE. 

You will rarely see Foxi at indoor dog events, if there will be too many dogs she goes to daycare while we attend. I think some people find it strange she isn't with us at dog friendly venues, however small environments where she can't run around with other dogs only frustrate her. Where you will see her is at events run by DogVenture HQ where socialising is in open spaces, an environment Foxi strives in and learns to socialise immediately with new dogs. 

We are working daily with Foxi by following guidelines of trainers, rewarding her every time we walk past a 'new' dog and she doesn't growl, praising her positive behaviour. She is improving that little bit every day, which people who know her can see.

Would it be easier to run our business with a dog who we didn't have to explain to people that introductions have to be slow, and most likely won't be successful first time, absolutely. 

However, we wouldn't change Foxi for the world, she teaches us something new every day and has been the inspiration behind our wonderful business.