The FAQ's

What will I find in the box?
A mixture of treats, toys and surprises tailored to your furbaby. We base the selection on breed, size, age and the information you give us. 
So how does the tailoring actually work? 
Once orders close on the 20th of the month, the preparations begin. We let our fresh treat partner Pawsalicious and Plush Toy partner Doggy Be know which cats and dogs have ordered along with their preferences and they match their products. If we need something a bit different we reach out to some of our friends in the market! 
Ok, I'm excited, when can I get my paws on a box? 
We delivery our boxes the last weekend of each month, your hooman will need to place their order by the 20th of that month.
Will l I receive the same treats and toys each month? 
We will vary the box each much across the wide selection of treats and toys we have available to us. However, if there are treats your cat or dog just LOVES let us know and it will be in every box! For the toys - keep your eyes peeled on our monthly theme reveal. Take a look at our blog to see some of our Fav boxes of the last year. 
My dog is a serial chewer, what toys will be in my box? 
Our plush toys are extremely high quality and durable however if you have a dog like Foxi who will get through anything take a look at our Super Chewer Box. They have indestructible toys and treats they can get their teeth into (instead of our flip flops)
I've just adopted a kitten/puppy of 3 months, will this be suitable?
CONGRATS! How exciting - and yes - what better way to start your journey. We will make sure treats are soft enough for their teeth and aren't they going to feel so at home with his new toys! 
Anything we haven't covered? Woof or Meow at us!